Editor problem google earth (Aerials)

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Editor problem google earth (Aerials)

Příspěvekod msts09 » 10 úno 2015 18:40

Hello everyone,
I hope the spelling is correct as I translated with google, I start there is no real-time maps with Google Earth in the editor with the tutorial => http: //forum.vtrans. en / t6713-Tuto-GoogleMap-in-Omsi-2-diteur.htm, functioned before I had no worries, but now I have a tile that is white and I (JPEG-Fehler 53) I n 'happens more to put the other tile I look in my file and I aerials JPEG photo good but we do not know to open it tell me' vissionneuse the windows can not open the file photo n is not visible yet the format is the same as the photos that works will know you help me please?

good day


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Re: Editor problem google earth (Aerials)

Příspěvekod pospa.jos » 26 úno 2015 18:51

Very low resolution of photos. :|
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